Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wish Me Luck!

Tonight I have my Spring Band Concert! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, and it's the last concert of the year, so I'm going to will myself to do good. The flute is fun, but sometimes it's hard to remember where to put your hands when you get nervous. Have a good evening, and wish me luck!

Do you play any instrument(s)?

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P.S. Thanks Spicemuffin for giving me a idea for a new background! I love it!
P.P.S. Thanks Rachel for being my 24th follower! Speaking of followers, tomorrow is the last day to enter my Follower Quiz! PLEEEEASE Enter! I have only one person enter so far! :(


  1. Good luck! I play piano. ;)

  2. Play well!

    I play piano too! And this Sunday, the 22nd, I have a recital. :)

    Don't worry, just relax. Your fingers will know what to do.

    ~Spicemuffin & Co

    P.S. How long have you been taking flute? I've been doin piano for 7 years.

  3. Good Luck!! :) I play the Clarinet.

  4. that is so weird I have my spring concert tonight too!!! I am in chouir thought so my instrument is my voice. There is also band and strings playing. I can't wait for it!! We also performed a couple songs during schoool so I hope we do better tonight.

  5. Good luck. ]And you're welcome for following.] I play violin, recorder, chimes, bells, boom-wackers.... Yeah. I pplay a lot. But it's fun!! I hope you wow the crowd so much they get wowed out of this world and then come back and clap so hard that they break your flute and then offer replacements and burst the building because everyone is coming for your autograph. Or, I hope you do outstanding!!

  6. Good luck!I hope you do great!:)

  7. Emma, I hope more people enter your quiz! Everyone, it's not too hard, so you can do it in a short amount of time (if you look at the archives). You're announcing the winner(s) tomorrow, right?


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