Links I Like

This is not a page of ads or promoted sites here. This is just a list of websites I like to visit. Don't get your feelings hurt if your not on here, these are just websites I highly recommend for anyone. If you like my site, you will probably like these... :)
A Picasa Album that is SUPER cute with lots of awesome stories! I especially like her Sydney Bristow Spy Stories.
Yet another Picasa album, which has pictures of her awesome dolls, and tips on how to customize AG dolls!
She has amazing stop-motions and the photography is to die for!
Just awesome. What more can I say?
Really fantastic. (Be sure to check out the video "Perfect"!)
Liberty Jane Youtube!
Who doesn't love a good video?
Need I say more about AG Youtube Channels??
Most amazing videos I've seen! Beautiful photography.

The American Girl Online Store
The Official American Girl Crafts Site
A place to buy 18'' doll accessories!
Where you can buy some of the best AG doll patterns and clothes around!!
Where you can buy cute,affordable and great quality furniture and outfits.

An really great shop where you can buy great quality character clothes for your American Girl doll!
Where you'll find something for every kind of American Girl
Really really cute stuff!
Doll food and clothes that are really awesome!
Cute doll sized items
I adore her doll tees!
Awesome doll outfits that I would wear! :)
Amazing ensembles!

****I am not affiliated with any site owners to promote the sites or payed the have the sites listed here.****


  1. Sorry It's Such A Long List! LOL... :)

    1. i luv ur site!!!! omg please reply to my comment!!!

  2. Do you have a favorite blog list?

  3. Oh, that's on my sidebar (on your right)

  4. Oh, thank you! I have a question. Could I be posted on your favorites? You can check my blog out - thank you!

  5. Check out my blog-

    Thanks! I can't wait to check out some of your faves!

  6. Hi! You have a great blog and a wonderful list of favorites!
    I also make 18" doll clothes. If you'd like to check out my handmade 18 inch doll clothes creations, my site is!

  7. hey could u please put my 2 blogs on your list?

    these are them (check them out):

    it would mean alot to me as i have just recently started and come from england so don't know anyone else with ag dolls.

  8. Hi, I like your blog a lot!!!! If possible, please try and check out my blog:
    Thanks, and I bet you're really busy! I sure am, trying to check out all the blogs on my blog someone asked me to look at at! :P

  9. whats etsy?

  10. whats the website for the doll rental stuff please reply!!!!!!

  11. love ur dream dolls! check out youtube and type in basilmentos and learn to make stop motion with the dolls you have


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