The Stars of the Show!

I currently have 4 dolls, Emily ( a Just Like You Doll) and Mia (Girl Of the Year 2008), Felicity (A Historical Character) and Laraina ( renamed Girl of the Year 2010).

{In the order I received them}

Emily is the first doll I've ever gotten, and we have made so many fabulous memories together! She is so beautiful, and I'm so fortunate to have her.
When and How I Got Emily: I got her for my 8th birthday. It was such a thrill to get her! All my friends and family chipped in.

Mia is my second doll and she is just amazing! I received  her on Christmas of 2008, and I love her lovely copper colored hair and hazel eyes.
When and How I Got Mia: I got her for Christmas of 2008. I was really wanting her, and I was so happy to receive her!

Felicity is my 3rd doll and my first Historical Character. She is very lovely and unique with her auburn hair and green eyes. She is such a colonial beauty!
When and How I Got Felicity: When I found out that Felicity was going to be retired in 2010, I rushed to get her, so I earned up for her myself!  I was always wanting her, and I'm so glad that I have gotten her at.

Laraina is my 4th doll and she's my 1st blondie! :D She's a retired GOTY. Her curls are so pretty! I re-named her from Lanie to Laraina.
When and How I Got Laraina: I won her off an auction on eBay. I got her in 2012, 2 years after she retired.

 For more info on them, check out this page!



  1. I love your site here.

    w xx

  2. I luv American Girl, and I have 4 American Girl Dolls!!! :) - An AG Fan
    PS: UR blog rocks:) :) :)

  3. I have only one. Her name is addy.

    This blog is great!!!!!

  4. TELL ME MORE ABOUT MEAT LOAF !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I got my Mia on Christmas too.

  6. I have Kaya and Natalie. Natalie is MAG number 40.


  8. Hey, my name's Ema too! Exept it's spelling Ema and I'm a terible speller. I have 34 JLY's, and their names are
    1) Ema
    6) Maya
    7) Enna
    8) Eliza
    9) McKayla
    11) Sophi
    12) Sophia anne
    13) Anna
    14) Callie
    15) Ceana
    16) Trish
    17) Ally
    18) Flora
    19) Maine
    20) June
    21) Freda
    22) April
    23) Miami
    24) Sean
    25) Taylor
    26) Kayda
    27) Hayden
    28) Jade
    29) Bianca
    30) Francesca
    31) Brittany
    32) Selena (she looks like Selena Gomez :D)
    33) Anice
    34) Kenna
    then I have all of the Historical and GOTY
    35) Samantha
    36) Nellie
    37) Felicity
    38) Elizabeth
    39) Kirsten
    40) Julie
    41) Ivy
    42) Kaya
    43) Molly
    44) Emily
    45) Rebecca
    46) Cecile
    47) Marie-Grace
    48) Kit
    49) Ruthie
    50) Caroline
    51) Josefian
    52) Addy
    and GOTY'S
    53) Lindsey
    54) Kailey
    55) Marisol
    56) Nikki
    57) Jess
    58) Mia
    59) Lanie
    60) Chrissa
    61) Kanani
    62) McKenna

    I need help deciding if next year I should get the GOTY 2013 or another JLY?

  9. i dont belive you have that many dolls

    1. well thats alot of dolls though

  10. I love your blog and American Girl! You sure have a lot of dolls. how long have you been collecting and how did you get all those american girl dolls?

  11. I Love the Historical Character dolls. I really like Ivy Ling because she is from the 70's. Your blog is amazing! Thanks for putting so much effort into it!

  12. That, is like, a lot of dolls, i have 21. Jess, Kailey, Anna, Lillian, Felicity, Harper, Hope, Sierra, Mckenna, Saige, Nicki (Just like you) Allison, Grace, Else, Amanda, Rebecca, Katie, Marie-Grace, Kathryne (renamed Our generation), and Kit, and Ruthie. I need help deciding if i should get #37, or Isabelle? What do you guys recommend? I bet your thinking I am spoiled, but not as much as either that kid, or collector above.

  13. I think you should get Isabelle, I have her, and she is Amazing!

  14. Totally MYAG #37, she is awesome!

  15. Hi, i am Myrth (pronounced Merth.) I have 5 american girl dolls,

    Hollie is and adventurous and daring 12 year old girl who enjoys adventures of any kind, and biking.

    Ruthie is a quiet and shy 9 year old girl who loves baking and dancing.

    Camilla is a Loud and fashionable 11 year old who is into clothing, music and all kinds of glamorous stuff.

    Katie is a Creative 10 year old who is into American girls and Sewing.

  16. Hi guys! Thanks for helping me choose a new doll! I chose both, because i wanted them so much, and they are awesome!

    Isabelle is very competitive girl who loves dancing, sewing and basketball.

    #37 Amanda is the weirdo in the doll family, she enjoys playing pranks, sewing, and cooking.


  17. Help! I am choosing my first American girl, who should i pick,

    Rebecca Rubin
    Isabelle Palmer
    or #37

    Please help me!

  18. Rebecca rubin

  19. I have Kirsten and Caroline and two My Ag's Daisy and Anna , Daisy is MAG # 12 and Anna i don't remember her Number Cause she is old.Caroline i Got in 2012 And Kirsten 1997!!!! I got Daisy back in April and Anna when i was in middle school.


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