My Awards

From I Heart American Girl's GOTY Design Contest

From American Girl World's Play Guessing Contest

From Priya @ AG Playground

From doing Katie's Favorite's Tag

From Priya's Guess-o-Rama

From Doll Girl's Guessing Game

From AG Doll Stuff and More's Blog Party

From the AG Bloggers*!

From Following Spicemuffin's Blog

From the Design the GOTY 2013 Contest on I Heart American Girl

From The AG Bloggers*!

From Phoebe for Guessing McKenna

From Priya, my blogging friend!

From Priya's Blogoversary Contest

From The AG Bloggers*!

Doll Diaries Spotlight Site April 2012 from Char!! WOAH!

I Love Your Blog Award from Phoebe.

*(When several people nominate me I put "The AG Bloggers")


  1. I agree with all of those rules and will follow them as instructed.
    It seems like all people want to do on some blogs is just swear. :(
    A friend told me about your blog.
    She started up a club called AG market because her and her friends where so fed up with how much things can cost for American girl stuff so she started auctions for things girls would like to auction (American girl stuff of coarse) and now including me we have about 15 to 20 people in our club.

  2. Thanks Alexia! :) Glad you agree. And I've heard of AG Market, it sounds amazing! I'd like to participate in an auction sometime...
    Thanks for the comment!


  3. Hi Alexia!
    I see you found the awsome blog I was telling you about. ;) TTYl! AGMarket

  4. You can add another award the reason the reason I found your site is the Doll Diaries spotlight sites for april!


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