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  1. hi i want to make an ag blog but I've looked on every create your own blog page and I've tried blogger but its not working out for me can you please help me were can i create a blog ps i love your blog'

  2. you really shouldn't give people your email address. They may not listen to your, "rules".

  3. how old are you girl????????

  4. this website is ok it is not the best acully it is fine but i will not be here alot i will be on

  5. Hi!

    Just wanted to drop a note to let you know about our new Doll bean bag chair line, perfect for AG dolls!

    I'd love to know what you think! Our email is

  6. Hey I absolutely Love your blog but, could you please check out mine :)

  7. I think that we should go on strike, and not buy anything at the American Girl store for a while! Could you please spread the word?

  8. people who post these comments: anyone can now see your email address. I suggest you create a new one now that they are visible to everyone. you can get a lot of spam and even threats. Emma: I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE your blog, but its been so long since you've wrote on it. please write!! I am so glad that you are a teen (looks like it from your pic) and you love American girl dolls!! that really inspires me not to be so embarrassed being a teen and having one. thanks ALOT!!! :) :) :) -Emily <3

  9. Hi Emma!

    I've found on eBay that someone is selling a Molly McIntire doll which was retired a while back and thought you might like to let people know! I can't afford it but she should go to a good home if she can't come with me!

    I love the site by the way, keep it up! Sara xx

  10. hey gal LOVE your videos by the way but i thought u could answer this question 4 me uh do you think u could like give me your number of somthing by the way im 9 how old are u i Love american girl dolls but i get bullyed alot just cause im in 4th grade LOVING ag dolls they call me baby and stupied and dummy and all the hurtful things in the world u could think of like really the bullying would not stop everyday almost even when i got home they cyber bullyed also i know it sounds carzy but this shcool i go too we have a shcool account and stuff that holds our records and they always text me on this website i got to the point where my mom is paying 4 this private shcool 1 of all WHERE I GET BULLYED WHERE THE TEACHER IS MEAN AND I HAVE NO FRIENDS so that got me and my mom to the point where i had to go to a public shcool cause belive it or not public shcools are better then private shcools cause after all that private shcool drama and bullying i met my truly and bestie of the world emily rivera she is the best gal in the world if i never met her i would be alone forever she made me populer and people started to like me i met another bff her name is ivany melena and we have one thing in comment we were all bulled ALOT so in shcool we dicied to make a non-bullying club we made posters signs we even got more people to join and be our friends this is such an offer im an rich girl living in new jersy and now i have alot of friends wow IM SO SORRY FOR THIS GIANT ESSAY I DID NOT MEAN TO WRITE MY WHOLE LIFE lol xD well it been fun sharing to u luv ya basilmentos oh and if i ever see u could u please make at video with me and my dolls lindzi and chasity thxs luv ya and ya dolls xoxoxoxox :)


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