Meet The Author

Hey there! I'm Emma.
I currently have four dolls, Emily, Felicity, Mia and Laraina (aka Lanie)  I am in love with American Girl and I enjoy history, reading,  photography, sewing, and blogging!

I discovered AG when I received a catalog from a friend. I instantly fell in love and got a Samantha mini doll for my 6th birthday. A few years later I got my first "big" doll, my Just Like You doll Emily, for my 8th birthday. For Christmas 2008 I got Mia from my good friend Santa. : -) Then I used my own money for Felicity in 2010 when I heard of her retiring. Then, off Ebay, I won an auction for a Lanie doll in 2012! I re-named Lanie "Laraina".

Here are some random facts about me:

1. I love swimming!
2. I live in sunny Cali
3. My eyes are hazel
4. My favorite color is purple!
5. I'd like to be a nurse

Hope you enjoyed my page!

You can e-mail me a emma (dot) myamericangirl(at)gmail(dot)com



  1. You said 3 dolls but gave names for 4.

    1. No ,she listed them all including a Samantha mini doll.

  2. I love your blog!! I'm going to try and make one thanks to you!!! I love American Girl!!

  3. I am trying to make a blog too thanks to you! I have 7 dolls and my name is lillian but i had to put the name as anonymous. Sorry but thank you for everything you do and everything you are!

  4. Hey I have 1 doll named gaby short for gabriela and I got her today and I made a water free bubble bath for her! Super fun

  5. Hi! I have 3 american girl dolls and 1 our generation doll.
    My american girls:
    Isabelle Olivia Palmer
    Jadeyn Isabella Lofter
    Kathryn Elizabeth Long
    Our generation:
    Phoebe Kathy Leigh
    Oh and sorry in one of my post I put different names cause I was thinking of other dolls Opps. ~Brooke and the crew


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