Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've Been Tagged by Priya!

I've been tagged by Priya!

So here's my 7 things:

  1. Lavender is my favorite color!
  2. Yesterday I wore a black and white shirt
  3. I just read "Aloha, Kanani" last night and I am reading "Umbrella Summer" now.
  4. I love my school librarian and volunteer to help out there every Tuesday.
  5. My favorite flower is a gladiola, and I have some growing in growing in my backyard! (A picture below of a gladiola from here)

6. I am going on a father-daughter campout with my dad in 2 weeks!!!
7.I am a Mormon, and proud of it! I can just see the shock on some of your faces :-0!

And I tagg.............

Spicemuffin, Phoebe, and my newest follower Rachel!


  1. Thank you. :) My favorite color is also lavender, and today I'm wearing a black and white shirt (with red)!

  2. Cool! My fav color is purple, and I'm wearing a gray shirt today. ;)

  3. Yay! I've been tagged! That's like the first time I've ever been tagged.

  4. My favorite color is light blue and I am wearing a pastel blue shirt today!

  5. I love the color lavender !

    I read that Kanani book! Within 4 hours(with breaks of course).

    I LOVE the flowers!
    The are very pretty!

  6. Cool! It seems like shades of purple seem to be popular with AG lovers, I love purple too! I love your sig, Emma. It's so cool!

  7. I agree, Katie!! :) Purple definitely seems to be a re-occurring pattern. And if you want a signature like mine, you should e-mail Priya. She's the one that made it for me!



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