Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just A Few Updates

Okay, so I've updated the site a little, and I'm just gonna fill you in on what happened.

  1. I made a new background! I did a poll on how you feel about it. I have to admit I'm starting to not like it, so I'm probably going to change it. Sorry to those who love it, but It's a little to dark for me, as I'm hoping for a background that's cheery and spring-ish. Any fave backgrounds you'd like me to try out?
  2. I put a picture of me on my "About Emma" page. Go see it for yourself!
  3. I put up the header Gabby made for me again! I really thought I should put it up again, since I love it so much. (Gabby is so cool! :D)
  4. I started signing off my posts differently. Instead of ~*Emma and her dolls*~, I'm just doing ~*Emma*~. It's quicker to write and I like it better! 
So, I hope you like the updates and please, if you have any background recommendations, PLEASE tell me!



  1. I highly suggest you visit this site for your backgrounds...

    That's where I got the backgrounds for both mah blogs.

  2. Very cool! Your background is so-so. Maybe one with nature/summer type things...?

  3. I'm glad you changed it. I didn't like the dark one either.


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