Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Obsession

Now I have another obsession with making doll t-shirts! This morning I made 2 shirts with an amazing and simple pattern my Aunt Heather made me. It's super easy. Like, all you have to do is take an old t-shirt, put the pattern on top, cut it out, pin it and sew! :) These are the ones I made today:

This is a purple tunic I made out of an old t-shirt. I love purple, and Mia looks especially nice in it!

Another kinda artsy view of the tunic.

This is a shirt I made out of a yellow t-shirt that was too small for me. I just added on a cupcake appliqué to snazz it up a bit. ;)

Closer up
Two cute models!

I hope you like them! I will probably make more since I have me an entire bin full of old t-shirts!!!!!! :) My aunt was saying she might sell the pattern on Etsy, so I'll have to let you know if she ever does follow through with that. 

P.S. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I put up a patriotic background just for the occasion. ;)  On Monday I'm going to a big picnic with my church, and it should be fun! Are you doing anything special for Memorial Day? If so, what?


  1. I <3 those t-shirts! I'm not an expert at sewing, but if my mom helps me it's fun. I love purple, too! For Memorial Day weekend, I'm going to play with my dolls A LOT (hopefully make a photostory with them), update my website a little, and enjoy the day off from school!! :D

    Your friend,

  2. P.S. I made this super-cool apron and chef hat from the Doll Dining set!! I'll post pix if I can on AGPG. :-)

  3. Cool t-shirts! Have fun with your new obsession lol. Happy Memorial Day!

  4. It's my obsession too. I LOVE making doll clothes!

  5. I like making my dolls clothes too. It's cheaper than buying them. These shirts are GREAT!
    I made the apron too Priya!

  6. Wow...I gotta try and make a shirt like yours! It's totally awesome!


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