Monday, May 30, 2011

I've Been Tagged by Katie!

Katie tagged me! But she gave me a special tag-lines (or whatever you want to call it) to follow. And I also got this awesome award from Katie. It's already on my sidebar!

  1. My favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite. :) It's hilarious! I quote it all the time!!!

    2. My favorite books are "Princess Academy" and "The Lost Hero".

      3.  My favorite stores are Micheal's and Claire's.

      4. I love pierogies  It's a dough dumpling stuffed with potato and cheese.

      5.I love cookie dough ice cream in a big chocolate dipped waffle cone topped with rainbow sprinkes. :D Yummy!

      6.I love to wear a brown t-shirt with a piece of toast with a French mustache on it (get it...... it's French toast! :D) along with jeans, a headband and turquoise flip-flops.

      7.I like to watch iCarly and Phineas and Ferb. :D Funny shows! 
      Phineas and Ferb

      You like? It was fun! Also, I want to note that Priya taught me how to make an edited doll, ( a picture of a doll edited to look like you) so if anyone wants one please tell me! ;D It's quite fun......

      Happy Memorial day, too!


      1. That's a cool tag!! :D

      2. Oh my gosh are you my twin?? I never thought I would meet somebody that loves Napoleon Dynamite!! I love that movie. It's HILARIOUS!!! Me and my 19 yr. old brother quote from it all the time!!!! My mom thinks it's stupid and is a disgrace to America. lol


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