Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo-shoot with my little sisters!

On Sunday, I took my little sisters outside to do a small photo-shoot with them. I know this isn't AG related, but they are they are both wearing AG dresses! :D  I edited a few of the pictures of www.picnik.com.

This is my little sister Sabrina. 
I LOVE this picture sooooo much! She looks like a girl (well duh, she is a girl!) really focusing on something or in a dreamy state.

Another one I like for the same reason.

This is my sister Hannah.  
She totally looks like she's asleep enjoying the peace and quiet! :D Agreed?

In this one she looks like she's focusing on an animal or bird or something. She looks like she's really focusing. :D

The two models! 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I enjoyed taking them! Thought I'm not sure Hannah and Sabrina enjoyed posing too much for so long...... :D They were very excited to be on my blog, though! 

Do you have any siblings? (I'm not trying to be major creep-o lady, I'm just curious! :D)

P.S. Rachel-Doll Girl won this round of Guessing Time! Give her a big round of applause everyone! She guessed the Volleyball outfit. I'm not buying it, I just picked it to be the guessing item. E-mail me Rachel at emma(dot)myamericangirl(at)gmail(dot)com for your award! :D Congrats!


  1. Wow, those are good photos! I don't have any sibbliings, I'm an only child. :) I wish I had human models, though!

  2. I have a sister, and a brother:) Great pics!

  3. I'm curious about how you write your email...
    Most people just write the real dot and 'at' sign.
    You like to do (dot) and (at)
    No offense! I was just wondering...

  4. Spicemuffin-That's okay! I write it that way so spam people don't just click on it to send me spam messages and stuff. :D My mom told me that, & I was confuse at first, too!

    Thanks! :D Your pix are awesome, too.

  5. Thanks! Can you just post the code (is it coded? Because otherwise I might not be able to post it on my blog) to my blog, and I'll get it and erase it? My parents might not go for me emailing you. Just wondering??? I DO want the award!! :)
    Rachel~Doll Girl

  6. Oh, and your sisters are WAY cute. I have a little sister! :)

  7. Your sisters are so cute! I have an older brother, I don't think he'd be in a photoshoot for me though ;)

  8. Hey, Emma! I was wondering... what happened to your video? Because on my Reading List it said you posted a video, but then I went to your blog, and it wasn't there. :( Just curious. :)

  9. Hannah-
    Sorry, I was going to post that, but the video wouldn't upload onto it. I posted it just for awhile until I noticed the video wouldn't work. I'm going to try again today.... :D


  10. I am the only girl in my family. I have an 11 yr. old brother, I'm 12, I have a 19 yr. old brother, and I have a 21 yr. old brother.


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