Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Vacation (Finally!!) By Mia, Emily, and Felicity

Hey, it's the MAG gang! (AKA Mia, Felicity, Emily) We all wanted to post, so we are all going to type whatever comes to mind.  We'll put our names in front of whatever we write. Let us begin!

Felicity: Yesterday was the last day of school!
Mia: Yeah, it felt like forever!
Emily: I slept in sooo late this morning, until 9:15!
Mia: Yeah, Emily's the real heavy sleeper.
Felicity: I just woke up early and watched TV and stuff
Mia: Enough about sleeping! That's boring!!
Emily: Well, what else IS there to talk about?
Mia: What see your point.
Felicity: What about our plans for the summer?
Mia: OOH! OOH! I am going to my grandpa's farm in Missouri and my Aunt Nicole's apartment in New York!! It will be experiencing two different worlds. One my mode of transpiration will be a horse and in the other a cab! And Missouri is so peaceful while NY is so hectic!
Felicity: That sounds SO cool. I'm not sure what I'll be doing. Probably whatever comes up, I suppose.
Emily: I'm going to New Jersey again to visit family and such. I LOVE New Jersey so so so so much! I always go to this one Pizza Place that has this AWESOME pizza, and I....
Felicity: EMILY!! Stop talking about the amazing stuff you'll do when I'll be home probably doing laundry or something mega boring like that.
Emily: Sorry, I'm just so excited. But don't you go to that plantation in Virginia that used to belong to your Grandfather?
Felicity: OH, YEAH!!! I totally forgot about that!! I wonder when I'll be going.....
Emily: Hey, Mimi? What's your favorite fruit to eat in summer? Mine is DEFINITELY cantaloupe.
Mia: Mine is grapes. It's so fun to strip off the skin and freak out everyone with the freakishness and texture.
Emily: Hey, Liss, what about you?
Felicity: Totally watermelon. Last year, at our family reunion picnic, I held the record at eating 19 and a half slices.
Mia: 19 and a half? Did you keep it all down?
Felicity: Yep. Though I didn't eat anything else the whole day.
Emily: Talk about devotion to watermelon.
Mia:  Well,  I gotta go. See ya guys later!
Emily and Felicity: See you, Mia!


  1. It's cool how you typed up their conversation. I do that sometimes and pretend it's an AG doll online chat. My dolls are going to be staying home for the summer this year.

  2. Lol that's a great idea, to do that with your dolls. Hey, Emily, I'll be in New Jersey for most of the summer, maybe I'll see you! ;)


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