Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Denim and Dots Outfit Review

Ruth at My 18 Inch Doll had given me a free outfit from her store in exchange for a review of it. She let me pick which outfit I'd like to recive and review, and I chose the Denim and Dots outfit! Here's my review of the outfit:

The Hat:
It is very cute! It fits nicely on the head and the pom-pom ontop adds a nice touch.
Grade: A

The Shirt:
It's a nice yellow color and is stretchable and easy to get on. It has velcro on the back.
Grade: A 

The Jacket:
LOVE this jacket! It is adorable; I've never seen anything like it! It's easy to get on and off, and matches any outfit!
Grade: A+!

The Skirt:
It was a bit of a struggle to get on. I'm not sure if it was because it was new and unused, or because the waistline was too tight. But once on, it was cute! I love the pleats.
Grade: B+

It is a very stunning outfit! It's a very high-quality outfit and I'm very impressed. I do wish it came with shoes, though, shoes would have really completed the outfit!  Everything together really makes a fashion statement! :D It's a wonderful addition to my doll outfit collection, and I highly reccommend it. My 18 Inch Doll has some great outfits and furniture- you should really take a look!

Overall Grade: A

I hope you enjoyed the review, and you should really take a look at their website and Facebook page!

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  1. I love that outfit so much! I would totally buy it in reality.

  2. Ashlee is a hacker, like you said. Have you heard of Olivia? She ran the " i love american girl " blog. Then, she decided to redesign her blog. She changed the name and design. Then she stopped posting. I'm not sure if it was Ashlee who did the redesigning or not. But she did some major damage. She changed the design, posted, lied, she changed the 'about me' page. Youu can go to Olivia's blog. I don't know if she still posts or not. She did once, explaining.. but.. Yeah. Go here.. >>
    That's her old blog. This is her new blog.. >>

    I'm srry if you knew all this already.. I don't know how much of a hacker she is or all about her but she is a hacker and messed up Olivia's blog.

  3. Thanks so much, Rachel! And yes, I've heard of Olivia,(I follow her blogs! :D) I was just everyone seemed to have known who she was and what she did, and I was a little scared and confused because I didn't want to hack any sites of mine or my friends and I'd never heard of her or the problems she caused before, but a lot of people had had her cause damage on their sites. Thanks again for the info! I very much appreciate it. That was a very horrible thing Ashlee did. D:



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