Monday, June 20, 2011

Library Finds!

At the local library, I found some cool finds! I found a "Kirsten" Audiobook there as well as a book in a series American Girl doesn't sell anymore called "Wild at Heart Pet Volunteers". They are really great- I'm not sure why they were discontinued. From my libraries "Book Nook" (where you can buy used books for a quarter) I bought the first in the series called "Fight For Life" and the checked out the 10th ,"Time to Fly". Each book is based on a different volunteer's point-of-view.

The finds! On the right is the Kirsten audiobook and on the left is "Time to Fly".

Why, Blogger, do you insist upon uploading my pictures sideways? It's really annoying. Anyway, if you turn your body, you'll find this is the back of the book. I pixelated the name of my library for security reasons, as I did with any other pictures that had shown the name.

At the end of each book is a pretend News Article, which states the events happened in the book. Sorry it's so blurry!

All the books in the series. Sorry this is blurry as well, so here is what is says:

Fight For Life Book 1: Maggie
Homeless Book 2: Sunita
Trickster Book 3: David
Manatee Blues Book 4: Brenna
Say Good Bye Book 5: Zoe
Storm Rescue Book 6: Sunita
Teacher's Pet Book 7: Maggie
Trapped Book 8: Brenna
Fear of Falling Book 9: David
(Time to Fly Book 10: Zoe)
Masks Book 11: Sunita
Race to the Finish Book 12: Maggie

All the books are by Laurie Hales Anderson.

The back of the Kirsten Audio book. I've checked out many more of them. These are the ones I know of that are in audio books:

The CDs. Each book has it's own CD.  A while ago I did a post about them, but I didn't know there were more available. :D

Have you ever checked out any American Girl books or Audio Books from your library? I'd love to know!


  1. Cool! I check out some AG books from the library, but I usually buy them more.

  2. I read the book time to fly. It was a great book I also read the book About the puppies and the one about the horse named trickster you should read all of them that is one of my fave series

  3. Slim- It was great, wasn't it? I love the "Wild at Heart" books! I definitely want to read them all.



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