Sunday, June 19, 2011

New AG Items and Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!

At DollDiaries they introduced some brand new items not even on the AG website yet!!

(All photos belong to Doll Diaries- NOT me!!)

Kanani's Party Dress
Kanani’s Party Dress is a pretty blue velour burn out skirt with silver embroidery. It comes with silver shoes and a braided silver headband.

American Girl number 53
My AG Doll- It looks like #37 only with brown eyes and no freckles. She looks SO cute! 

My American Girl 54 and 55
My AG Dolls: #54 and #55. I LOOOOOOVE #55!!! She looks so pretty. She has curly balck hair, freckels, light skin, and hazel eyes. Now it's a debate between #27, Marie-Grace and #55. 

New Redhead Bitty Baby
Bitty Baby- Red haired Bitty!! Love it. She is precious!

Have a great Father's Day as well! Here are some American Girl Character and their dads and grandfathers: 

Samantha and her Uncle Guard, the closest person to her Father. (Her father had been killed)

Chrissa and her dad in the pottery studio.

Felicity and her dad

Kit and her dad

Happy Father's Day and hope you liked the new AG stuff! :D

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  1. I love #55, but I'm getting #37. It would be difficult to change mah mind. :)

  2. I love #55! She looks like me except for her eyes (mine are brown). I also like your new header! I'm going to see if I can make headers like that on my site. (weebly does headers differently)


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