Friday, June 24, 2011

Showcase of Some Random Pictures I Took.......

Recently, I took some random pictures. Only about 7 of them are of dolls, though. I edited all of them on Picnik to give them a cool look. Of each section of pictures, there will be a title and a short explanation for the pictures.  Hope you enjoy the showcase!

I took the plant ones, because, well, I don't know! Plants are cool. :D

I took the doorknob ones because doorknobs are so fun to take pictures of! Especially my frond door one, which looks so vintage!

(All the ones above were my front door)

(All of the above were my bedroom door)

Ah, here we go! I take pictures of my dolls because I enjoy it!

(Darn you, Blogger!)

Harry Potter:
I am a HP fan, and I thought I'd pose Mia as Ginny Weasly and Felicity as Hermione Granger. As the wand, I took a wooden stick thing that goes with one of those frogs where you take the stick across it's back to make a frog noise. ;D I have a picture of Ginny and Hermione that looks like one of the pictures I took of Hermione and Felicity.


(For this picture, I actually put a fan in front of her to make her hair fly back. Awesome, right? :D)

I was just hanging out yesterday evening when I realized the beatiful sunset going on outside and how, if I hurried, I could get out there to take pictures before it set.

Hope you liked the pics!

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  1. Very cool pix! It's so weird my Emily looks just like Ginny (and Mia, too). That was a great idea to compare pix of them. :D


    P.S. I <3 your blog!

  2. Those are amazing pictures! I'm not a HP fan,but those pics r REALLY good! I love the black and white ones!

    And we r going to be needing boor knobs! And my mom want those kind!:D Lol! Ironic!



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