Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Overload of New Items!

I got on the computer this morning to find an avalanche of new items! YAYNESS!!!

LOVE THIS GIRL!!!! She is gorgeous and I'm going ga ga over her!!! I want her even more now. :D

MAG 54 is so fun! We don't have many dolls with short blonde hair, so this is a firstie! :D She does look a whole lot like MAG 37, though.

She is very nice, but she doesn't seem very original. I seem to think there is one just like her.

Kanani's Party outfit and Accessories. They are cute, but they are pricey. But I have to say, that dress is a stunning blue. :D

Every Day Play Outfit: Is cute, but seems to formal for it's name. A dress really isn't ideal for playing...

Striped School Dress: LOVE the design of this outfit! Not beacsue it's on 55, but it is so adorable! Definitely on my list of things to get.

Fresh and fun outfit: Love the skirt! The arm warmers seem a bit weird, though.

This backpack is awesome! I for sure want to get this eventually.

Very well done! This outfit is very sporty. It's tom-boyish with a hint of girly.

This is handy, but doesn't seem worth 50 bucks.

Very nice colors! 148 dollars is still a lot for it, though. AG seems to be bumping up their prices. I hope they are bumping up the quality as well.

Campus Cheer Outfit: Very cute! I like this one better than then old one.

Soccer Outfit: Cute, but I can't say I like it more than the old one.

Chestnut Horse: Very Sweet Horse!

Stable and Supplies: Seems to have good quality. MUCH better than Felicity's, I must say.

Genie Outfit: Very very happy with this! It is cute, pretty, girly AND modest! Score, AG!

Pet Carrier- Nice, but the old version seemed better to me.

Pet Bed: Like this much better than the old version.

Raspberry Glasses: Very pretty color!

Orange Glasses:  Bright color!! Very nice.

I Love Pet Earrings: CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love these so much!!

I Love Sports Earrings: Very cute, but I can't picture myself or my dolls wearing them.

Silver Heels for Dolls: Very pretty and formal!

Sporty Sandals: Very sporty, as the name suggests! Nice job, AG.

Garden Boots: Holy Cow. These are the cutest thing EVER. I wish they had those for girls. ;D

Blueberry Clogs: Very cute. I love the embroidery.

YES! AG IS MAKING WATCHES!!!  I love them all.

I am happy with the new releases. What do you think?

P.S. Thanks so so so much to my newest Followers Leah, My AG's Life, Aj, and Kristi! I love all of you amazing followers SO much! :D

P.P.S. I am moving VERY soon, which means that the computer will have to be packed up, so if I seem to hvae dissapeered it's because either the computer is packed or we haven't hooked it up yet in our new house. Thanks for understanding! :D


  1. I LOVE the new stuff! I plan to buy the boots and watch. :)


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