Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Curl an AG Doll's Hair and Belated B-day wishes!

First of all, I wish a very happy belated birthday to Ivy from American Girl Stuff and More!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ivvvvvvyyyyyyy
Happy Birthday to you!

I'm so sorry I missed it yesterday, and I hope your day was wonderful! Now, blow out the candles and make a wish!

And now for the curls! :D

And instead of the regular kind of curlers you would use, I'll show you how to use rag curls.

This is a rag curler. It's simply a peice of fabric cut into a inch-wide strip. You can use any fabric, there isn't any specific type.

First, comb your doll's hair, then mist it with water WHILE COVERING HER EYES WITH YOUR HAND!!!! This is important because if her eyes get wet, they can rust.

Then, take the rag curler and wrap her hair around it like shown above.

To tie it off, take the two ends and knot them in a loose (but not too loose! You want to be able to take it out. :D)

When you are finished, all of the hair or the amount of hair you want curled should be in rag curls. The awesome things about rag curlers is that if you run out you can always just cut up more strips! :D

When you want to take them out, just undo the knot and hold the rag curler vertically and pull down.

Hope you have fun curling your doll's hair!


  1. That's a cool way to curl doll hair! :)

  2. Do the curls just straighten on their own?

  3. What do you mean? Like, do they curl quickly? If so, yes! They have Lanie-Like curls from over night. It's pretty cool!



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