Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm back from my camp out!  Sorry, but I didn't bring a doll because I didn't want them to get dirty, sticky, wet, etc. And I forgot my camera! Boo hoo. :'( But enough Sally Sob-Stories! Today I am also going to a pool party, so that should be fun. I have some real writer's blog currently, but I was just in a blogging mood. But here's some random things about me right now:

  1. My hair is in braids
  2. I am wearing a green shirt 
  3. I am wearing jean shorts
  4. I just finished my shower
Well, there you go! Have a wonderful day y'all!

Oh, yeah, and I also made this Rapunzel edited doll!
I am fully aware of how ugly she looks, but I LOVE the movie tangled and it just seemed like fun to make a Rapunzel AG doll. :D

And while I was making Disney Princesses, I also made Belle!


  1. Cool, Emma!! I like the movie Tangled, too, but Hoodwinked is my most favorite movie. Have you seen that before? Also, I love your edited dolls of Belle and Rapunzel. My favorite Disney princess is Mulan.

    Priya :D

    P.S. I posted the results for my Guess-o-Rama on my site. You can see how you did there (and what you got)!! :)

  2. I love the movie Tangled!:)

  3. Emma S. - I posted the Guess-o-Rama results, in case you wanted to know... :D


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