Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Utah! Part 2

Okay, sorry for procrastinating to post part 2 , but I've been sick and busy. Anywhoo, here you go:
SNOW!!!! I love how Lisse looks in snow, don't you? (And yes, I made that hat.)

Snow angels! 

Cute little Dollie tracks!

Pretty tree!

A close up

Another tree, which had beautiful snow covered branches I wish I took a pic of.

More trees! The plants looked so awesome that I couldn't resist taking pics of the prettiest. 

Warming up inside!

Yes, That's half of me. Behind me my older brother was about to maul me with an enormous snowball.

You like?

I had fun visiting family. Have you ever brought your dolls on trips? If so, where?

~*Emma and her dolls*~


  1. I like.
    :D :D :D
    I love your style.

  2. Cute pix!! I brought my Penelope doll to Michigan and my Lanie doll to Florida with me before. I've never taken my doll(s) outside on a snowy doll because I didn't want the snow to melt and dye her body. :D

  3. I took one of my dolls on a trip Mia did Felictity forgive you

  4. Winx Fan Club-
    I haven't found the perfect gift for her yet. I can't think of anything she would really want, so i'm going to ask her. I just finished a really great card, and so I just need to find the perfect gift for Felicity at the mall.


  5. I love taking pics of my dolls in the snow! I brought my Molly doll to Baldhead Island in North Carolina and to my Grandparents' house a bunch of times. When I first got her I never went anywhere without her. :)

  6. I brought my doll, Hope (Felicity), to Chicago. We had so much fun on the train ride there and back and we LOVED going to the American Girl Place there!

    I love the pictures!

  7. I just took my doll Addy to Texas! You can see it on my blog.


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