Tuesday, April 12, 2011

17 Follower Quiz!

Okay, people, listen up! Answer all of these 10 questions about my blog FIRST and receive a cool blog award!

  1. What was the first picture on this blog?
  2. What was the first word of the first post?
  3. What was the first photostory ?
  4. In what month was my first post?
  5. Who wrote the first comment on my blog?
  6. Who was my first follower? (This one may trip you up!)
  7. What was the first holiday celebrated by my dolls?
  8. What was the first contest I won?
  9. What was the first contest I hosted?
  10. Which of my dolls had their birthday celebrated FIRST on this site?
Good luck! Answers are to be received by April 30th by E-MAIL!!!!


    1. I'm new to this blog so,I only know you answer! The first word on this post was" Okay":). Lol ! But that wasn't with the title.

    2. Mackenzie Rae-

      You can look back into the archives, if you need it. :)
      Oh, and I meant the first word of the
      first post ever written.

      ~*Emma and her dolls*~

    3. So you'll post the winners on April 26th, right? I think I did pretty well on it... :)


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