Monday, April 18, 2011

Talent Show! (By Emily)

Hi, everyone! It's Emily here, and I have some exciting news! On Friday, Emma and her friend were in their school's talent show! And I was in it, too! Let me tell you how it worked:

First, Emma stepped inside the box while Emma's friend stayed outside said some Magic words...

and... POOF!  I popped out as Emma's Mini self! Then Emma's friend set me back inside the box and Emma turned big again! :) People thought it was really funny.

They also did some other tricks, but I wasn't in them. 

Well, that's what Emma's been up to, what about you?

~*Emma and her dolls*~


  1. Not much. It's currently April vacation for school, so I'm basically relaxing and doing homework (ugh!). I went to the AG store today and bought the Tennis Skirt Set + Charm (my very first charm for my charm-keeling necklace!)!!

  2. Cool! I'm getting ready for a Good Friday play that some friends and I are doing at church on friday. I'm playing the devil in it!


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