Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am A Very Bad Person (By Mia)

Well. I feel horrible. I FORGOT FELICITY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I had just realized when I passed the calender today and BAM! right on April 21st in BIG RED LETTERS was Felicity's B-day!!!! I am a despicable human being. Emily was visiting family in New Jersey, so noone was there to remind me!  Where are you Emily, when I need you?!?! I'm pretty sure Emily got Felicity a souvenir and mailed it to her, though, so that leaves me being the worst friend ever.  I feel so bad that I didn't even do anything especially nice for Felicity. I bet she thinks I hate her.  I don't even have a present for her! I have no idea how to make it up to her. Any ideas?!?!

~A Very Guilty Mia 

P.PS. Thanks Bunny (AKA Carob Chip) for being my 21st follower!


  1. Just say sorry and get her a great gift she will understand

  2. Aw, you're not a bad person! Here, tell you what. Make Felicity a BEAUTIFUL card, and wish her a happy (belated) birthday. With it, include something Felicity has ALWAYS wanted, or something she REALLY wants.

  3. You're a wonderful person, Mia! Just a little forgetful. I agree with spicemuffin to make her a card and get her something she really wants.

  4. Thanks girls! I'll try your ideas!


  5. You'll see! Mia will understand once you explain.

  6. Just honestly apologize to her, and give her a handmade card to brighten up her mood. :D


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