Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hey, Just Wondering

Real quick, would any of you guys be interested and/or buy a handmade special occasion dress, dress for Kaya or a Bed Set? If not, what would you buy and for what price?



  1. The handmade special occasion dress interests me, but I'm not sure if I would be able to buy it.

  2. Awesome. :) Since apparently the Lanie from Craigslist came from a home who had smokers, I didn't end up getting her. So, I found a few Lanies on eBay and am thinking maybe I'll just earn some money by selliong handmade stuff. Those are just a few of the projects I thought of, but I can also do bags, scarfs, and what-nots. :)

    What do you think a reasonable price for a handmade doll dress would be (That's affordable?)

    Thanks so much!!


  3. I'm going to pick just one Lanie. Sorry it sounded like I was going to get a few... XD


  4. Sounds fun! (What you are selling). For a handmade dress I would say $9.50. I'm not super interested in buying the dress or bedding, but I hope you are able to sell it.
    Sorry about Lanie. I hope you are able to get her on eBay.


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