Tuesday, December 20, 2011

McKenna Doll Picture!

From DollDiaries.com I found a pic of McKenna in doll form!

American GOTY 2012 McKenna Brooks
Cool, huh??
Well. Hm. I was expecting something a bit different.
Honestly I think she looks to much like Marie-Grace and #39.

See the similarities?
Oh, well. :)

I still think she looks fun, and can't wait to see her background story on Jan. 1st!

What do you think? Do you like her?


  1. I kinda like her. I wish they had put her in the 'classic' AG mold, but, like you said, oh well. :) I might get her, but probably not. ;D

  2. Hi I'm looking to purchase one for my daughter and know nothing.lol are Mckenna and Marie-Grace faces the same? hair color and lenght? any differences I should be aware of?thanks for your help

  3. I Have Mckenna Already and she is an amazing doll! I wouldnt say she looks like Marie Grace though, but #39 look alike looks roughly like Mckenna.I'd say get Mckenna instead, because Mckenna's hair comes in a bangs pull-back, which means you can part her hair anywhere and do almost any hairstyle! I LOVE McKenna get her fast!


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