Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not Feeling Too Great...

Well, I've been let down a bit. This concerns my big surprise, but there is still a part to it I can't wait to share! I am still very excited when you will see this awesome surprise! Just a BIG part of it isn't going to work out. I was a bit disappointed when a big part of my surprise for you guys didn't go how I'd hoped. I feel really un-energized, so sorry for the short post. I DID take some Christmas pics of the dollies, but they are on the other computer in our house, which I am not currently on. :{ Oh, well.

Love you all and thanks for understanding. (And listening to my rant...)

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  1. That's alright! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope that you feel better soon, we are sorry that you have been having a rough time and not feeling that fun and great.

    Take care of yourself and do not worry so much about us .. we are just here for you.


  3. Thanks so much! I'm feeling way better and I realized it might be a blessing in disguise. :) Thanks again for your much appreciated and loved support...

    Bear hugs,

  4. Oops! Sorry, didn't mean to make that Anonymous...



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