Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Okay... Down To The Last Two

Alright...I have canceled out  A custom MAG, and have another contender in the voting. (Thanks guys for your votes in my polls) I found a Lanie on Craigslist in actually pretty good condition for 55 dollars. Tempting. So, guys, tell me. Ruthie or Lanie???

Lanie or:


Aaaaaaahhhhhh! So hard!!!



  1. Lanie!!! I have her and she is awesome! Also she could be your first blonde.

  2. I know! I seriously love Lanie AND Ruthie. I can't decide between the two!! :)

    Thanks for the advice!!


  3. Lanie since you have the chance to get her right now for a good price, you could get Ruthie later she is still available from AG ..


  4. I think that you should get Lanie! Shes super adorable, and I agree with "The Crazy Doll Lady"(: Ruthies not going anywhere for a while, but Lanie could be gone quick! Lanies the better choice(:

  5. Thanks guys! I already contacted the seller, and I'm waiting for her to reply. If things work out, I might pick her up this Friday!
    Thanks for helping me decide!



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