Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cute Etsy Items!!

I've been looking around on and found some really cute stuff. :) Here's what really stood out:

18 inch Doll Clothes: Pretty in Pink Party Dress, Shrug and Shoes for American Girl Doll Clothes for American Girl Dolls OOAK
Love this so much! This would make a very cute Easter dress.

Doll Clothes for American Girls: Dark Denim Dressy Jeans for American Girl Dolls or othe 18 Inch Dolls
Doll Jeans! These are so cute. 

18 inch Doll Clothes: Snowman Pajamas for American Girl Dolls or other 18 Inch dolls
Love all the snowmen on this!

Be sure to look at the Royal Doll Boutique!

the Amelia -- an all new hat from Melody Valerie Couture
This is such a cute hat! I love how it's so Victorian.

the Adelaide -- an all new coat from Melody Valerie Couture
The clasps on these are so pretty. The purple and grey look so awesome together.

Be sure to look at all the cute stuff at MelodyValerie!

Vision of Sugarplums -- Winter Skirt
The pattern is so fun! I would really wear this!

MonChatDansLaLune has very cute skirts!

Merry Christmas Stockings and M2M Mittens American Girl doll clothes
Matching tights and mittens? YES!

SewFunDollClothes is worth looking at!

Corduroy Argyle Print Skirt And Vest Outfit For American Girl Or Similar 18-Inch Dolls
Love the argyle! 

Wrap-Top Style Striped Sundress For American Girl Or Similar 18-Inch Dolls
Cute stripes!!!

Skinny Jeans, Star Print T-shirt And Slouch Cardigan For American Girl Or Similar 18-Inch Dolls
Cardigan Love 

Loving Angel Kisses Boutique
Socialite Holiday Ensembles 2011: Gallery Opening
This is seriously and outfit I'd wear. The paint splatter is really cute!
You won't be disappointed with SitaraStarlight

Well, that 'bout sums it up. Tell me what you think!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I bought the outfit from Sitara Starlight!

  2. Thanks Inky!How is the outfit you got? Worth it?

    Thanks for commenting!!



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