Sunday, January 1, 2012

70 Followers and Happy 2012!

Hey! Many Thanks to all my 70 followers!! :D This is also my 1st post of 2012!

Fun, eh?

Anyway, here's some stuff I hope gets done this year:

  • I go the the AG Place to buy a doll or big item
  • Start an Etsy shop
  • Make a real, full length doll play/ movie
  • Take more pics!
Hopefully stuff gets checked off that list.

I have been devising plans to earn  money to buy a Lanie doll off eBay (They vary from 145-175$ w/ shipping) sometime this year. I have about 110 dollars. Any suggestions for how to raise money that's realistic? (I'm probably not going to organize a city wide talent show soon.... :D)

Thanks so much for being awesome, guys!!

Heres some pics of McKenna!!!

Yay! So fun. :D

Oh, and by the way, I'm not sure when the French Show will air, the people who I saw are going to tell me when. No, I'm not getting paid (One of you asked that) and that totally fine with me. :D

Thanks for all the love and support and tell me how you liked how I re-arranged stuff!

(Tell me at least 3 things you noticed are different)

Love to all and Happy New Year,


  1. Happy 2012! Cool, I hope to open an Etsy shop, too.

  2. What French Show? Is that what those mystery pictures were about? I don't remember you telling us about this.

  3. Lissie- Okay, so here it is in a nutshell. A French TV Station was wondering if they could film me and my dolls for a TV special they were doing. Since France doesn't have anything like this, they figured French people would be interested. So, I am going to be in a on the News in France. :D

    Thanks for the comments!!


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