Friday, January 27, 2012

Exciting News!

Hey guys! I have some exciting reports...

So, this one you might already know. I won...



Here's what she posted:
Our first grand prize winner is Emma with Georgiana! I loved her creative story and the fact that she comes with a best friend! Contact me to claim your prize of theMinneapolis AG Place T-Shirt!

And one of my very good blogger friends won 2nd, and that's Priya!! I was so excited for her. This is her AMAZING entry ( a personal fave, although they were all great):

Meera McCarthy is 10-year-old girl living in Charlottesville, Virginia. She takes Indian dance lessons with her best friend, Asha Patel. While the dancers are preparing for a performance, Asha takes a fall that leaves her with a broken leg, which makes her unable to perform with the other girls. As the star dancer, Meera knows that she must lead the other girls in the performance to be able to perform without Asha next week. Leela Singh, a bossy dancer, pressures Meera and she loses her courage to lead. Will Meera be able to find the strength to lead the girls? Find out in Meera and Dance Away, Meera

Amazing, right? So, anyway, be sure to congratulate her. :)

So, soon a new, adorable, tee shirt will be arriving soon for all my dolls to enjoy.

And about all my dolls...

There will be an addition to the circle of friendship soon!

Can you guess who???

Mwa ha ha ha ha, I am set on being mysterious, aren't I???



  1. Congratulations Emma! Your character is awesome! And it's so cool you won two years in a row!

    Thank you! I'm glad you like mine!

    I'm guessing that you got Lanie...right? :)


  2. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D



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