Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me. :)

Yay! Today is my b-day. I won't say how old I am for safety reasons, but I have been anticipating this day very long. :) :) No, it's not my sweet 16, (yet) but I still am glad it's here. I haven't opened any presents yet, but once I do I will tell you guys most definitely.

I also realize that my 1 year anniversary is on it's way! It's October Something, (I will have to go into the the archives to get the actual date) and I can't wait to have this huge thing! As I have decided something else, I wish to announce it. I will be re-starting the Fests again! Remember those?? It has been, like, forever. So I have decided to re-open it up starting the 24th. The theme shall be HALLOWEEN. So yes. It's going to be a Picture Fest, so snap and click away!!!!

Catch ya later alligators,


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Can't wait to see your presents!


  2. Happy birthday, Emma! My b-day was in July. :) Should we send you the Halloween pictures, or are you going to provide more details on it when it gets closer to Halloween?


  3. Happy Birthday!!!! :D
    I don't remember these fests . . . will you post more info? I like taking Halloween photos though, so it sounds like fun! :)

  4. Thanks everybody! I had a great birthday. :) And the fests are just big long collections of people who enter in a picture or video or whatever the category is of the chosen theme. And I will provide more details when it gets closer to the starting date. Thanks for commenting everyone!!!!!


  5. HAPPY (Late) BIRTHDAY EMMA!!!!!!

    Happy birthday to u!
    Happy birthday to u!
    Happy birthday dear Emma the princess of birthday world!!!!
    Happy birthday to uuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Happy Birthday (a little late) Emma! Hope you got lots of good stuf.

  7. Thanks Everyone! I love all your comments. You made my whole birthday better by saying you cared!!! :)


  8. Happy Birthday friend!
    Sorry for the late comment. :)

  9. Sorry I just saw this post! Happy (very belated) Birthday! My birthday was on the 22 of September!


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