Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New AG Items!

Here are some of my faves!!

Cecile is so darling!!! She got these beautiful curls and gorgeous eyes. I adore her dress and accessories too!

Goodness. Marie-Grace is fantastic! I love love love her. I'm going to do a close up of her eyes just because I think they are so amazing!!

She is amazing! I always wanted a curly blonde.

Awwww she is so sweet! Love the sidebangs.

Love the holiday dress! I think it beats lasts years.

This dress is stunning. Really stunning. NEED this.

If this wasn't so pricey, I'd so so so get this!!

This bed is so so so awesome! I wish it was my bed... :)

This dress is gorgeous. Love the pastels!

I know I said I'd post my faves, but this coat is just so funny looking! She looks like a pampered marshmallow. :) :)

This is such a stylish outfit! I adore the boots.

Sorry it took so long to finally post these. Love you all!

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  1. Cool! I posted about this, too, on my blog. I have a photo contest going on, too.


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