Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gabby's Tag!

Gabby at I Heart American Girl has this tag and I'd love to do it! Here it is:

1. What American Girl do you look most like? (please post photos to compare!)

This one looks almost exactly like me except I have a lighter skin tone. 

(Sorry, but I don't have any photos to compare)

2. What InnerstarU avatar do you think you look most like? 
 I don't have and Innerstar U account, but I look most like this one minus the bangs:

3. How many American Girl Places have you been to?
I've been to the L.A. one 2 times.

4. Who is your favorite doll that you own?
I hat to pick favorites but I love Mia's  red beautiful hair and hazel eyes! I always wanted red hair...

5. What AG doll outfit would you like to wear?
I love this outfit, only I'm not a huge fan of long sleeves. 

6. What AG Accessory do you wish you had for yourself that was real?
Just really like this watch...

7. What AG furniture piece do wish you had for yourself that was real?

Sooooooooooooo Julie's bed. 

8. (only answer this question if you are familiar with the Hogwarts houses!) Which doll (GOTY, HC,) do you think belong in each Hogwarts house (name at least one doll for each house)?

1. Chrissa, Rebecca and  Felicity would go in Gryffindor
2.Kit and Nicki would go in Ravenclaw
3. Lanie and Lindsey would go in Hufflepuff
4. None of the dolls deserve to go in Slytherin!!

9. What's your favorite AG online game?
I don't really have one, but I'm sure there's one out there!

10. If InnerstarU was a real place, would you want to go there are participate in the activities and 'go to school' there?
I don't have an Innerstar U account, so I don't really know.

11. What doll do you want next?
Ooooh! Either of these girlies would suit me just fine! :)

12. If you could be any AG doll, who would you want to be?
Felicity! I just adore her spunk, her dresses and her time preiod!!

13. When do you make your first AG Christmas Wishlist?
Usually right after Thanksgiving. :) I am so impatient for Christmas around then!

14. What's if your favorite line of dolls (HC, MAG, GOTY, Bitty Baby/Bitty Twin)?
Historicals! Love love love their line.  It's always so exciting when a new one comes out! :)

15. Why do you like American Girl?
It's so wholesome and fun! It's a never aging thing- you can never really grow out of them.  It gives you a great thing to collect and treasure, and it's a healthy obsession. :) It also gives me something to blog about- and I'm really grateful for that!!

16. What's book (series)?
Ah, there are just so many. I like the "Heroes of Olympus" series by Rick Riordan as well as Harry Potter and "The Books of Bayern" by Shannon Hale. I also adore Jane Austen books! I really like lots of books, and those are just a few that I love. 

17. What's your favorite jam/jelly? Please post a picture!

Smucker's Mint Jelly
Mmmmm.... I LOVE Smucker's mint jelly! 

And I also love apricot jam! Mine is always homemade, so it's always extra delicious. :)

18. If you could live in any other time period but your own, what would choose?
OOOH! That's easy. I would choose choose the Colonial Times (aka Felicity's time period) or the British Regency (aka Jane Austen era), pretty much the late 1700s. Gotta love their dresses!
British Regency illustration 

Colonial Young Woman Illustration 

19. Do you drink coffee? 
Nope. Never tried it, and honestly, I don't want to. I have always hated the smell and taste. Go ahead and hate me, but there it is. 

20. What's your favorite TV show?
Oh, I have lots. I like Good Luck Charlie and Rookies. I have lots of other faves, but honestly I can only think of these two. :)

21. Do you think you're funny?
I do, but I'm not sure everyone else does...

22. What are your family members doing right now?
My brother is hanging out with some friends at another house, my sisters are in bed and my mom and dad are doing who knows what. And I'm typing this post. :)

23. Have ever watched a show made in a year before 2000?
Yes! I've watched The Cosby Show, Strictly Ballroom, Pride and Prejudice (1995 Version) and a few episodes of The Brady Bunch! (I Know I've watched more than that, but I'd honestly be going on forever if I named them all.)

24. What did you have for lunch today?
I had an awesome sandwhich (made by yours truly), a chocolate chip cookie, water, and applesauce. 

25. What's your favorite snack?

26. Who's your favorite actress?
Hard to say. I really like Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, and Emma Watson. 

Emma Watson Reveals Real Reason Shes Leaving Brown University Image

27. Who's your style icon (c'mon- you must have one!)?
Um, well, I don't really know.  Maybe Bridgit Mendler?? I also like Emma Watson...

Bridgit Mendler Photos

28. What's your favorite brand of popcorn?
I am not a huge popcorn person, but I love kettle corn! I don't really have a favorite brand though..

29. What's your favorite blogging platform (Webs, Wet Paint etc.)?

30. Why do you like being a blogger?
Well, it's just great fun and (I think) a great way to spend your time. Plus, it also makes me seem funny and people actually listen to me, and for a girl who's not popular and doesn't have a lot of friends, it means a lot . Thank you my Blogging BFFs!!! :) Love you all, and you just make me want to blog my heart out. 

Hope you liked reading about me, and I hope you don't hate me too much for my opinions... :) 

Thanks for checking this out again,


  1. Cool!! I did this, too, on my site. :)

  2. Cool! :) Haha I agree about not liking the taste of coffee. I do love the smell, though.


  3. I love Shannon Hale! She is an amazing author. You can read book reviews to a few of her books at Also, I love Good Luck Charlie and Bridgit Mendler


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