Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Picture Stuff

SO sorry that it took so long. Well, it's actually October now so I guess that it's good to be doing the Halloween stuff. So this is kinda like the video fest, only this is pictures! So the theme has to be, you guessed it, HALLOWEEN. So just snap a random amount of pictures that have to do with Halloween, comment to tell me you joined, and Voila! You just entered MAG's Picture Fest. So just have fun and staaaaaaaaaaaaaaart FESTING!!!

So, I FINALLY found the battery charger for my camera, so I'll be taking some pictures now. YEEEES! The charger was missing for about a whole stinkin' MONTH, and I am so so so relived that it hasn't been lost...FOREVER!! :)

Ha ha!!! :D :D Yeah, Life's good.

I have some money, too, so I'm thinking on buying a new AG outfit. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

This blog SHALL be updated!! I swear it upon my life! (Sorry for going all medieval on you all) But I feel so bad for it being so long in between posts. It seem all my posts lately have been apologies... MAN! I really need to step up my game.


  1. I think you should buy a Halloween costume for one of your dolls. I have some edited Haloween pictures on my blog. Can I use those for the Halloween Picture Fest?

  2. Yeah! That'd be great. Thanks for commenting!


  3. I will join if I have time! Do we email the pics or post them? I think you should buy a holiday outfit for your dolls.

    I've missed your posts


  4. Hi Emma! I am going to try and enter, if I have time to download my pics... Can I post them on AG Fun and give you the link? :)



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