Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast With Mia, Felicity and Emily!

"I'm here!" Felicity Merriman called to her two best friends, Mia St. Claire and Emily Talbot. "Whew, I thought you weren't coming!" Mia said, pretending to wipe sweat of her forehead, and Felicity and Emily chuckled. Emily had invited Felicity and Mia to her house to make a little Thanksgiving dinner, just for the three of them. Mia and Felicity had gladly agreed to come.

"Where do I start?" Felicity said, putting on an apron.

"You can stir that bowl of hot water to keep it boiling," Mia said, dusting the potatoes with a little flour.

"Oh, can you move the bowl over a little? I'm bringing this pot of potatoes over there by the cutting board," Mia said, carrying a heavy pot of cooked potatoes to cut up. "Of course," Felicity said, scooting over the bowl.

Mia placed to potatoes at a time on the cutting board and sliced them, putting the slices back into the pot, to give to Emily to mash into mashed potatoes.

"Oh, thanks for the potatoes," Emily said to Mia as she handed her a bowl of sliced potatoes to mash. Mia began to cook some eggs to dress with spices, called "Dressed Eggs".

"Do you need some help with those eggs, Mia?" Felicity asked her friend, for Felicity had finished boiling the water and they already made dough for rolls. "No, I'm fine, but thanks for offering," Mia said, with a smile to her friend.
Emily had finished with the mashed potatoes and had begun to put some vegetable oil on an uncooked turkey, which she was going to put some dressing on after the oil and cook.

"I'll put on the dressing for you, and put it in the oven. You've done so much already," Felicity said kindly to Emily, taking the dressing bowl and pouring it on the turkey. "That would be lovely, thank you,"Emily said,smiling kindly back and walking away. Felicity marinated the turkey and put it in the oven to cook, and went to check on the rolls, which were done, and she took them out of the oven to cool.
"Girls, I think we're done cooking!" Mia exclaimed. "Yeah, all we have to do is take everything out of the oven and cooling racks, and we can bring it down to my dining room!" Emily said, already putting the cooled rolls into a basket.

The girls were just taking the last things to the dining room, when Felicity realized....... They forgot the turkey on the counter!!!! "Mia, Emily, we need to get the turkey!" Felicity laughed, and her friends did too! They got the turkey and they set everything perfect and then... the feast began!

Here all the girls are feasting on their Thanksgiving meal, and Popcorn, Emily's dog, came to join them!

Here are some closeups on the food:

Felicity's Favorite, the rolls!

The Turkey! (Sorry about the glare)

The baked potatoes

The mashed potatoes

The eggs

-Emma and her dolls

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