Friday, November 12, 2010

Choclate Making With Mia and Felicity!

"I've got the melted lemon chocolate!" Felicity called to her new friend Mia, who she had met a few days ago. Mia invited Felicity to make chocolates at her house.

"I'll mix it, it looks a little chunky," Mia said with a giggle.

"I'll pour it in!!" Felicity exclaimed, already pouring it in.

"Owww! This chocolate is hot!!" Felicity yelped, for she forgot to use the mitt when she took the chocolate out of the oven.

"Here, I'll pour it into the mold for you." And Mia did, with the mitt. Then she poured in some raspberry flavoring.

"Whew, all done,'' Mia sighed, as they poured in the chocolate into the last mold. Then she picked up a lemon chocolate chip to nibble on.'' I can't wait to see how they turn out, and to try them!!" Felicity said, eying the chocolates hungrily.

"Mmm..." Mia said, grabbing another lemon chocolate. "Are they good?" Felicity asked. "Delicious!" Mia said with her mouth full. "I'll try a dark chocolate on, then!" Felicity said, laughing at how fast Mia was gulping down her's.

"Wow... these are REALLY good!!!" Felicity said now with her mouth full. Now it was Mia's turn to laugh.

Also, As you can see, most of the clothes Mia is wearing are handmade.
This is Mia's cute little hat and Scottie Dog shirt. From a few of the pictures above you can see her apron. I also made Felicity's headband.

-Emma and her dolls

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