Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Favorite AG Retired Items

American Girl Mia's Performance Outfit
Mia's Performance Outfit

American Girl Mia?s Accessories
Mia's Accessories

American Girl Mia's Silver Skate Dress
Mia's Silver Skate Outfit

"Jess's Travel Accessories" for 18" American Girl doll
Jess's Accessories

"Samantha's Velvet Dress" for 18" American Girl doll
Samantha's Velvet Dress

American Girl Felicity Summer Gown, Hat & Slippers
Felicity's Summer Outfit

Let It Snow Pajamas

American Girl Mia's Bedroom Furniture 2008 Retired
Mia's Bedroom Furniture
American Girl Mia's Bedroom Accessories
Mia's Bedroom Accessories

American Girl Ruby Ballet Dress/leotard, Ballet Toe Shoes, Ribbon Necklace Outfit + I Love Ballet Book

Ruby Ballet Dress

American Girl Chrissa's Craft Studio Sewing Machine & Accessories

Chrissa's Craft Studio Sewing Machine & Accessories

What are your favorite retired items? Tell me, I'd love to hear from you!!

-Emma and her dolls

***All the pictures are courtesy of Amazon***

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