Sunday, November 28, 2010

Felicity's Tour Of The Plantation

"Hello! Today I am going to give you a tour of my grandfather's plantation.(But since he died it's my family's)We come here every summer, and I love coming here, although I miss my friend Elizabeth in Williamsburg. Where I'm standing is my favorite shady tree. I've loved to sit under it since I was little!"

"Let's take a stroll over to the rose garden......"

"Mmmmm...... The roses smell wonderful! This one's color is so red and beautiful. I love to come and see all the roses in this little garden!"

"Basking in sunlight in a meadow by the river..... it's the first thing I do the day I come here!"

"This is the lamp post, which runs on oil. We light it every morning!"

"This is the last stop! These are one of the many plants in the greenhouse, which I love to see and care for, with my little sister Nan. And little brother William, although he isn't much help. All he does is roll in the mud! Thanks for coming with me on this tour of the plantation!"

In case you were wondering,I got the dress from The Queen's Treasure's a while back. The green color really brings out her eyes, and I love the roses and the hat!

-Emma and her dolls

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