Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spotlight on My Dressed Up Doll!

I am doing a spotlight post on the (amazing) Etsy shop My Dressed Up Doll! The owners have an amazing story, and they e-mailed it to me. Here it is:

      We started our shop, My Dressed-Up Doll, last fall. We are three sisters from a family of 10, and we are all in our 20s. Since we travel full-time singing and ministering in churches across the country, we needed a small, part-time "traveling" job. Since those kind of jobs are far and few between, we decided to start our Etsy shop. We like to make "pretty" outfits, mostly dresses, for dolls; we have seen a lot of other styles but noticed that there was a lack of fancy, pretty clothing for dolls. We love choosing color combinations and creating new outfits including the perfect hair accessory or purse. We sew many other things too, including dresses for ourselves or other projects like purses, wall hangings, scarves, etc. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time at Joanns. We have one American Girl doll, Kirsten, and since she is a historical doll, she has the traditional hair that can be a pain to keep up :-) 
     Here's a little more about us . . . we are from Toledo, OH, but since we travel all the time we are not there very often. We travel throughout the U.S. - from Maine to Florida to Tennessee to Arizona to everywhere in between :-) Dad is an evangelist and we all sing together - and play instruments. We all play piano, plus each of us play a couple more instruments including guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, ukelele, harmonica, and others. Our big bus is a huge attraction since it is the biggest one that has been made - it's 60 feet long and bends in the middle. Since there are 9 of us living in it (one daughter is married and a missionary to the Middle East), we knew we needed something big enough to be comfortable.

And some pictures! 

This is their bus- very VERY big!

Their large family!

And here are some pictures of the items at their shop:

Awesome, right? And My Dressed Up Doll has been kind enough to offer all you readers 10% off your purchase at their shop! Just enter coupon code is BLOG10OFF for 10 percent discount.

Be sure to look at their shop!


  1. I wonder if they know about The Gothard Sisters of ourdolls.net? They sound a lot alike, what with their love of performing, American Girl, and they are even around the same age, too.

    I have added My Dressed Up Doll to my Etsy favorites. They sell some cute things!

  2. Cool! I will make sure to check out that Etsy shop. :D

  3. They sound wonderful, thank you for posting about them. My daughter's doll, Kit, could use some cute new clothes from time to time. They travel so much that I wonder if they are a homeschool family, we love supporting other homeschooling families.


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