Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laraina Pictures!

So, it was really nice out and I decided to do a quick photo shoot with Laraina. I had this little butterfly, and I thought it would make a cute prop! :) Even though it isn't quite spring yet, I tried to make it as "springy" as possible! Sundress, cute headbeand, no shoes, butterfly= spring!

Oh, and BTW I decided to keep Emily's name the same. It is legal for more than 1 person to have the same name! So please, remember, there is probably more people with YOUR name out there. Their parents didn't "steal" your name. :)  And all the Emily dolls in the world do not have to be Emily Bennets! One can be an Emily Talbot. So there you have it. 


  1. KEWL .. spring is coming, cannot wait for ours to get here too. I love the butterfly, that is sooo cute and looks so real on her finger ..

    Did you notice, you won our drawing for the camera, I need your address sent to


  2. LOVE the butterfly! Cute pics!

  3. Laraina is so pretty! Your photos are spectacular too! :)

  4. Thanks guys! And TracAn, I did see (thanks SOOO much!) but just haven't got around to e-mailing you yet. I'll do that ASAP! :)



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