Sunday, March 25, 2012

One Blustery Day...

Wow, lots to post about! Lets start with 1....

1. Today had a serious downpour! I took some pics (INSIDE) with miss Licity.

OMG! It's uploading it right! 

And this is a random pic of Mia in a ballgown. That doesn't go with the theme, now does it?\

2. I won Priya's Contest! Yayness! I entered Cynthia Beckstead the pioneer and got 1st place! I am soooo excited.  Thank you Priya! And be sure to wish her a happy Blogoversary and give some birthday wishes to Penelope her doll. :) Priya is my close online friend, and she made me this sweet award! (awwwww :D) 


So sweet! <3 

3. The French News Station told me they're mailing me a DVD of the interview they did of me about MAG, because the video only works in France. As soon as I can I'll upload it up on here! I am going to try to block out my age and last name if possible, too. 

My litter sisters and their Bitty Babies!

4. I got this award from Phoebe for guessing her new doll McKenna!

That is about it, so stay posted, lots more posts coming your way! I also edited some pages of mine, please look at those! 



  1. Awesome all the way around and cannot wait to see the interview, how kewl is that. You are so lucky, I would have been scared, lol


  2. Here it's been pretty sunny, but today it's really cloudy.
    Aw, you're welcome! Your entry was really awesome!
    I can't wait to see the interview! Even if most of it is in French... :D

  3. Here is the link to the video :


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