Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Dream Doll

Okay, so I keep talking about new dolls, but one doll I would seriously LOVE to do is make a custom doll. Ebay, my handy companion, may possibly help me in this dream. I would buy an Emily doll cheap(ish) and buy a Blythe wig (I heard they fit AG dolls well, but only look shorter) and VOILA! Doll of my dreams:

Yay! She is sorta like This MAG...

...So I would be okay with either. 

Thanks for reading! And what would your DREAM doll look like?? 

Here's what the wig  would look like:
(I don't own the pics!) 

12" Goodyblythe Blythe Hair Wig Light Brown Cute Style W159 

12" Goodyblythe Hair Wig for Blythe Dark Brown Curly W224 

12" Goodyblythe Doll Hair Wig for Blythe Dark Brown Curl W315 

All from this Etsy shop!



  1. That would be beautiful!!! Right now my dream dolls are McKenna and also a customization, one with the bright green Felicity eyes. :)

  2. I think I would like either McKenna (renamed to Ramona) or an MAG (#47 I think).

  3. Oh, and I think that you should just get that MAG and use curlers to curl her hair. :)


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