Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh. My. Goodness. Am I dreaming???

Wow. I am stunned. Do I actually have 50 followers?? Thanks a million Anne and Sherry for making my day!

Well, I am going to keep my promise and show you all what I have planned for this celebration of happiness! I will be hosting several fests. The first fest that will be held is the video fest. Lets explain things a bit:

1. To enter, you must make a video of your doll, you, or whatever you like.
2. You must post your video on your blog, Youtube, or e-mail it to me.
3. All participants get this cute banner I made!
4. There isn't any real prize for entering, other than the fact that there is a huge celebration you get to be part of.
5. You must have fun. Or else your disqualified. ;D
6. Entries are due in two weeks. Specifically August 4, correct me if I'm wrong.
 7. You don't have to make a new video. It can be a video you've made awhile ago that you really like. But if you would like to make a new one, by all means go ahead.
8. You can make as many videos as you want!!
9. Parent Permission would be great, but it isn't necessary to enter.

Any questions? If so, comment or e-mail them to me.

So here's the banner for entering:

Cute, right? Since it's celebrating 50 followers, this fest will last for 50 days.  Makes sense, right? 

Since whenever I say I'll post something later, I pretty much never end up posting when I say I will, so I'm going to post my video now. I'm guessing the majority of you all have already seen this video, but at the moment I am unable to create a video. So here it is, Felicity and the Music!!

(Tell me if there is any problem in viewing the video. If there is, here's the link to the post where it seemed to be working fine: Thank you!)\

Ha ha ha, I know how cheesy it is. Oh, well, maybe I'll make another. :D 

I hope you enter, and I can't wait to see your videos!! 


  1. I think I'll make a no-sound video, but I still have to decide of what! Do we need parent permission?

    *Priya and the QQD*

  2. Oh, and I've seen your video before, it's great!

  3. You're welcome! Your blog is cool! :)

  4. I am so happy for you! Having a 50 day fest is a great idea! :)

    Can my video maybe be of my pet?

  5. I am so going to enter! You really deserve 50 followers! Your blog is awesome and so are you!

  6. Hello Emma! (for the third time LOL!)

    Guess what? I am going to get a guinea pig really soon! :)

    Can my video be of him maybe?

  7. Priya-
    That's great! And parent permission would be great, but it's not necessary. And thanks about my video! :D

    Thanks! I love your blog, too.

    Thank you! You can make a video of absolutely anything you want. :D And congrats on your guinea pig! You can totally make a video of him!

    Thanks for being so nice everyone, but I should be thanking you, my wonderful 50 followers!! Thanks so much, again. Love you all!


  8. I made a video, with sound, and hand is in it a lot. It's probably the first video I've made. Is it okay if it's an "amateur" (aka not that good) video?

  9. Priya-
    Great! I can't wait to see it. And it totally doesn't have to be professional. Mine isn't super high quality, either. I'm so glad you could make one, I'm so excited to see it!!


  10. I'm so entering a video, if I can figure out how to upload one to my blog!

  11. Yeah! I haven't gotten him yet though:) I might do a video of my dog or something!:)

  12. I finally have my video done. Here is the link:


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