Saturday, July 23, 2011

Look What Priya Made Me!

Priya was so sweet to make me this amazing award on her website. I love it! I already added it to my "My Awards" page.


And here's what she wrote as well:
Reason: Emma's blog, MAG, was the one that really inspired me to build this site. I'm sure her blog has inspired many others too! Congrats Emma, and thank you SO much! 

No, thank YOU so much, Priya! I'm so glad that you like my site, and I feel so happy that I inspired you to make yours! And be sure to check out her totally amazing website, AG Playground. I love reading it, and she is so nice! It's totally worth taking a look at. :D 

Thanks again Priya, for being such a sweet friend. 

Love from,

P.S. Many thanks to my new followers, Khairul and Crazy Doll Lady. Love you all! 
P.P.S. Please enter my Video fest! You still have 2 weeks, but I don't have any entries yet. D: Thank you!


  1. Oh you're welcome & thank you!!

    Priya 8*) 
    Penny 3*)
    Beckie D*)
    Lanie #*)
    Emmie =*)

    <3 <3

  2. Why did you delete your post?

  3. I don't think Emma deleted any posts... What do you mean?


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