Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emma's Fashion Tag and Some Not So Great News

Emma W. Tagged me with her fashion tag! I am actually still in my pajama's right now, but I already have what I'm going to wear picked out. I'm going to wear jean capri's and a grey shirt with silver beads and sparkles embellished along the top. My favorite part of that outfit is the shirt! I love all the beads and sparkles. :D Thanks Emma! I tag Priya, Spicemuffin and Phoebe.

As for the bad news, as you all know I am in the middle of moving. While we are looking for a house we have been temporarily staying in an apartment. We recently found a house, so we'll be moving in this Monday. The apartment has had Wi-Fi, so everything has been okay. But someone isn't coming to install our Wi-Fi in our new house until AUGUST 26. That's basically a whole month. D: No Wi-Fi for a month means no posts or e-mail for a month. I might be able to use library computers for sometimes, but I just wanted to let you know posts will be scarce in the month of August. The reason it will be so long is because the company is really backed up with Wi-Fi hookup appointments. If there is an opening before the 26th they said they could try to squeeze us in, but I doubt there will be an opening.

Thanks everyone!

(The internet is super slow to load here currently, so I'm going to hold on the signature. Internet, why must you be so complicated???)



  1. A whole month without posts or internet? I will miss your posts. =) I know I couldn't go a whole month without internet.

  2. It's going to be totally hard, but I'll make it. (I hope... :D) I love your posts, too, Caelen!!


  3. Thanks for tagging me!
    I know it's hard to move, and difficult to live a month without internet access. I would have serious problems! I know you can make it though, Emma.
    Before you even leave,

  4. Aww, sorry Emma. I would be devestated. :( Hope they can squeeze you in quicker because I L-O-V-E your blog!

  5. Love your blog Emma! I bet you will have lots of fresh new ideas when you are on-line again. Love you Girl!


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