Friday, July 15, 2011

(More) Changes

Hi! I hope you are liking the new look so far, please tell me what you think! Here are some of the things I've done so far:
1.Changed my Favicon
2.Changed the Background
3.Changed my Header
4.Added in labels
5.Made a new "My Awards" page
6.Changed the template
7.Added an intro
8.Changed the fonts
9.Well, so many things I can't name them all!

Please tell me what you think so far, I really want your opinion!

Love from,


First of all, I LOVE your comments, they are very much appreciated. But there are some rules:

1. Please, no swearing or using God's name is vain.

2. Don't give off any personal or private information.

3. We are all friends here! Be courteous and kind to everyone.

4. Have lots of fun!

If you do not keep theses rules, I will delete your comments and block you from commenting.
Thanks for visiting and I very much appreciate your comment!!!!