Monday, July 11, 2011

Has it really been that long?

It seems the majority of my posts lately are apologies for not updating. I've really been wanting to update more than I have, I'm so sorry to be doing so bad. I have taken some pictures I've been meaning to post, just haven't gotten around to uploading them. This morning I made a few updates, in case you haven't noticed. I have a new Favicon! Like it? Blogger has a new option where you can put in your own Favicon, which I think is pretty awesome.  Mine has my doll hands picture I took in a photo-story a while ago.I also changed back my background to flip-flops again, being the 4th is over. :D
I am going to make it my goal today to upload and possibly post them. And I cannot belive I have 46 followers! Thanks to Mimi, Angelcake12, AG Queen and Emmie's Edition for being my newest followers. I love every single one of you amazing 46 followers! It's crazy to think I just started last October, and I already have 46 wonderful, awesome, sweet followers!

Love from,


  1. Cool! I'll look at your favicon when I'm on my laptop. On Weebly, favicons cost money, so I just use the Weebly favicon. :(

  2. Can I use one of your pictures for my blog?



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