Friday, March 4, 2011

I Ordered Something......

Something I ordered from American Girl should be here in 5 to 9 business days. Can You guess it? Here's a little hint:

Can you guess? You might know if you read Katie's blog, American Girl World.  This is all just for fun, but maybe next time there will be an award.......... LOL :) Hope you guess it right!!! 

P.S. Like my photo editing?? Very mysterious........

~*Emma and her dolls*~


  1. Did you get the Limited Edition Kirsten Mini Doll (I looked at Katie's site)?

  2. Oooh, I know what you got, but I won't say. ;)

  3. I think it is the limited edition mini kirsten doll or molly's outfit she wears as ms. victory

  4. Priya-

    Noooooooope....... Try again!


    Not that either! Good try, though!! :)

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~

  5. Is it Kit's Pajamas??

  6. Did you get the 2-1 Ballet Outfit that's on sale? I REALLY want to buy it now. :-)


  7. Leanna-
    YES! You guessed it right!!!!!!!!

    HOOORAY For Katie and Leanna!

    Good job, everyone! Now, I also ordered another thing, but I'm going to tell you straight out: A new doll brush. I've really been needing one, so I got one along with the ballerina set. :)

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~

  8. Cool. Are you going to put pics up of it when it comes?


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