Saturday, March 5, 2011

Doll-Sized American Girl Movies

Today I made some doll-sized movies. To make them, I searched on the web to find images, printed them out, cut them out, and pasted them onto cardboard. I was super physicked (spelling?) to find some with the entire thing (front, back, side).  Here They Are:

Here's The Front. There's (in order from left to right) Chrissa Stands Strong, Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, Molly: An American Girl on the Home front, Kit Kitteredge: An American Girl, Samantha: An American Girl Holiday, and The Kit Kitterdege Soundtrack.

The sides. Samantha and the Kit soundtrack are the only ones I couldn't find one with a back and a side. 

The backsides. 

Do you like them? If you want to make them, e-mail me and I'll e-mail you back the "covers"! I would have put them in this post, but it's not working, weirdly. 

I really like the little movies, and just might have to make a TV to go with them...............Tee hee hee! :)

Speaking of AG movies, I've heard that the next one will be a musical about Julie! Here's an article about it:

Next American Girl Doll Movie to be Based on Julie Albright Doll

Let the sun shine inAt a recent press day for Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas confirmed that there are indeed plans for more American Girl movies in the pipeline.
The next American Girl to see her story make it to film? Julie Albright. "We are developing the Julie character," Goldsmith-Thomas said, "and we're doing her as a musical, as a high school musical."
"We're going to have all those great songs from the '70s," she continued. "Julie: An American Girl Musical. It's in San Francisco."
The movie is just in outline form as of now, so Goldsmith-Thomas was unable to confirm much more about it, but she did say the music will include both original songs written for the movie as well as music from the 1970s, and that they intend to do more open auditions like they did for Kit Kittredge. "Oh, you betcha," she said.

How cool is that?! I would want to try out for it, since they have open auditions, but I doubt they would be close to where I live. I'm still super excited, though!! There's never been a musical before, so it should be fun. What do you think about it?

~*Emma and her dolls*~


  1. Cool mini movies! If the Julie auditions are near me, maybe I'll try out for Tracy (I'm too old to be Julie). The idea for a musical sounds awesome!

  2. Yeah. I don't even look like Julie, and I'd be WAAAAY to tall! :) Maybe I could be one of Tracy's friends! LOL

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~

  3. Those doll sized movies are SUPER cute!! I'd try out though I live in Canada and I think I'm too young, I'm 9.

  4. I love the mini movies, Emma! And about the Julie musical, I think it's going to be a movie musical type thing. I would try out but I look nothing like Julie or Tracy. I think they choose actors for movies for it though. :)


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