Saturday, March 19, 2011


These are the reasons I feel so incredibly great right now:

  • My Blog is on Google!!! I searched "My American Girl" and there it was, the 8th one on the list!!!!
  • I have a new follower, Papaya! YAY!!!
  • My computer is finally letting me download pictures!! I will be doing a post with lots of catch-up pictures.
  • My cousins are visiting my house right now!
  • Next week (not this week) I will be on Spring Break!
And the one that makes me EXTREMELY happy:
I WILL BE ACTING IN A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nit going to be one in theatres, and it's probably one you'll never hear about, and I'll only be an extra, but it will still be cool. And the best part is that I get PAID! $100 a DAY! YAY! It will be shooting in Utah in the Summer, so expect more posts and details about it! :)

~*Emma and her dolls*~


  1. THAT IS SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!! :) I'm glad you're in such a good mood!

  2. I think that is awesome too! What is the movie called? Will anyone sell it? (If not, could you send me a video of it?)

  3. Emma-

    It's actually a movie about the Bible, so you'll probably never see or hear much of it anywhere or anything. It will be sold, but not through the general market. I will definitely tell you more details on how to purchase it when it's available to buy, if your still interested. :)

    Thanks for your complements, everyone! You make me feel even AWESOMER!! (If that's even a word. ;D) You guys rock! <3

    ~*Emma and her dolls*~

  4. That's so cool! Yes, please let us know how to buy it. How did you get chosen to be in the movie? Hannah

  5. That is like an American girl doll a day! haha.

  6. Emma, that's SO cool!!! What will the movie be called? And afterward do you think you'll buy more American Girl dolls? :-)

  7. Okay, Emma! That is cool! I wish I could be in a movie! I will definitely check back here for more details!



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